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It’s Got to be Golf

President Obama is squeezing in a round of golf today before heading out to campaign in Ohio. It is a beautiful morning. It’s his 53rd time out as president.

9 thoughts on “It’s Got to be Golf”

  1. Golf is relaxing. Fresh air, exercise is good for everyone.
    It would be most beneficial to all of us if MrO would take the rest of the week off and relax, golf, take the Mrs out to dinner or just hang out in the WH.

  2. … at least he’s not wearing the wussified bike helmet while he plays, or heaven forbid, eats unhealthy at the restaurant off the course.

    Of course as a liberal Democrat I am suprised that the Obama Administration has not pushed for the elimination of all competition on the playing field (of every sport) since losing is *bad for one’s self esteem.*

  3. This story is actually very, very important as it provides a window into the way Mr. Obama see’s November, i.e., “were going to win.” Mr. Obama does not see defeat this coming November and like his unpredictable mouthy Vice President ACTUALLY BELEIVES they are going to win even though even the most liberal polls (CNN, ABC-Quinnipaic, MSNBC) are now predicting a 50+ House sweep for the Rep’s.

    What is Mr. Obama doing today? Imitating Bill Clinton and ordering out for pizza and chinese and slamming heads with his staff to forestall disaster? Make phone calls and pump up the base? Robo-call Dem’s to get the vote out in districts that are too close to call? Go on the talk shows and continue to push for Obamacare and other programs?


    He’s playing golf today.

    Thie ship is about to strike the iceberg.

  4. MrsO has been the subject of much speculation since she was sent out to speechify the small people. There are millions of FLOTUSwatchers and now we are wondering what’s wrong with her? Today she wore a blouse that she had worn several weeks ago BACKWARDS. Back to front, front to back. We’re also wondering why she’s wearing her daughter’s little sweaters to these public events.
    The “most powerful woman in the world” and an annually designated “best dressed” can’t figure out which way to wear a woman’s blouse.

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