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Barack and Michelle Banter About Their Marriage

I thought this was kind of interesting, this interchange between President Obama and Michelle during a fundraiser late this afternoon in Cleveland. A little airing of marital stresses.

It’s always seemed to me that Michelle has tried to insist he not forsake his family for politics, and I’m sure it’s a big sticking point. So many politicians put their family in a little box, and just do their thing. Reagan’s disfunctional clan is the perfect example. Clinton needs no introduction on this.

It seems like Obama veers toward living in his own world. He not only has a little bit of stuff to distract him at work, but he still clearly loves to hang out with the guys on weekends and seems to watch his fair share of sports on TV.

But he  makes a conscious effort not to abandon the family. It seems to work, at least up to a point.

From the pool report.

FLOTUS introduced POTUS as “the love of my life, though he doesn’t always think it. And more importantly, the President of the United States.”

He later demurred that: “It is not true that more importantly I am the President of the United States. More importantly, I am Michelle Obama’s husband, and Malia and Sasha’s father, and Michelle has put up with me through thick and thin, and I’m grateful for her each and every day.”

“So it’s fun having her along on this road trip,” he added.  “You know, usually I am all by myself, and I listen to my iPod. We had a wonderful conversation on the way here (comic pause) and she’s telling me what I should do. It’s true.”

The audienced laughed.

“You think I’m joking. I’m not. I have witnesses.”

And then he laughed.

8 thoughts on “Barack and Michelle Banter About Their Marriage”

  1. And I think they have a very utilitarian marriage, as cynical as the clinton marriage. in spades. I think there is trouble in paradise, that this is a marriage of convenience only (for the two of them — I think they are both completely committed to the children), and that it could be, sexually speaking, totally a sham marriage that’s served its purposes.


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  3. Every long-term marriage has it’s own dynamics that might not seem “ideal” but work for the spouses.
    Hanging out with the guys is a guy thing. Men are more comfortable around their own; they share interests in sports, hunting, fishing, cursing and telling lies about their sex lives. Unless a guy is a complete dog, he likes to put up a caring and polite front for the women in his life.

    Re the O’s: the wife tells the husband what to do, the husband agrees (rolling his eyes) and does whatever he thinks he can get away with.

    MrsO’s penchant for hugging strange men is disturbing; women just don’t hug men they’ve just met. Most men don’t hug each other either, and MrO does a lot of that, too.

  4. I remember when he was first floated by whomever for this job, she blurted out, “But he hasn’t done anything!” She also said he threw his socks on the floor. Then someone had “a little talk” with her and she stopped telling truth to us powerless ones. I think she is jealous of him–she knows those socks and those feet of clay. Yes, I think they have a :”business” marriage–the business of their kids, the business of politics.

  5. FOR PETE’S SAKE . . .

    The man is henpecked!

    I simply dont get it. Granted, I am not married, but WHERE are the REAL men anymore? I have no problem with strong women (Kirkpatrick, Lady Thatcher, etc.) but where are the strong men? I never liked LBJ (he was a crook) but he was a tough hombre. Reagan was too henpicked by Nancy, but he could think for himself.

    WHERE are the real men?

    I was at the gun range the other day and in between bricks, I talked with a current police officer who shares my Fascist viewpoints about male ideology in this country:

    —> “There is no such thing as The Strong American Man in this country. The Marlboro Man. The Cowboy. The Gunfighter. The fiscally conservative, strong, tie-wearing Classic Liberal who is in love with his nation. He’s nearly extinct. And as you can tell from the ******** in the WH, this is reflective of societies moral collapse. Men start acting like women. Dress like women. Talk like women. Our President is but a mouthpeice for the failed, collapsed American male.”


    1. Tom, the male species indeed has been wussified, and the schools are making sure to wussify it further, not letting boys be boys, and so forth. They have no tolerance for aggressive behavior – because it’s more difficult to deal with and now socially unacceptable – and so the neutering begins early.

  6. Oh, Tom–despair not,,,plenty of American women can tell tales of bossy-cow (or worse) males…My Dad was one, my sister and I hooked up with two and are not with them anymore. My ex was ex special forces, a competitive pistol shooter…I wouldn’t hold him up as a role model except in a combat sense. Still, many women, myself included, don’t love the metrosexual, wussy types either. Maybe it’s pheromones or something. I see the president in the stubborn ego-mixed-with-passive aggressiveness category. In other words–mixed and possibly annoying as a mate.

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