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CNN: Rouse Likely To Stay as Chief of Staff

So says CNN’s Ed Henry. Rouse does seem like the kind of steady hand that’s needed at the till of the White House. Below, from the piece, the whole of which you can find here.

Pete Rouse was supposed to be the “interim” White House chief of staff, but an increasing number of senior Democrats inside and outside the White House are telling me it’s looking more and more likely that he will stay on a more permanent basis — maybe even through the 2012 election battle . . .

Two senior Democratic sources told me the president and Rouse have a private understanding that if both sides are satisfied with the arrangement, the new chief of staff can stay on longer than just a few months.

And in the early weeks of the new arrangement, it seems to be going smoothly. There is a comfort level for Obama since Rouse served well as his chief of staff in the Senate, and for other White House officials, he has brought some welcome calm compared with the frenetic pace of the Emanuel era.

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