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Obamanimal House

Check out this cartoon by Mike Lester of the Rome News-Tribune. He is of course referring to Obama’s admission in an interview with Peter Baker for an extensive and worthwhile article in the New York Times that he belatedly realized there’s no such thing as shovel-ready.

7 thoughts on “Obamanimal House”

  1. Too true to be funny.
    Why, oh why, did O ever agree to do these interviews? The NYT, Rolling Stone and MrWoodward must have been seen as ‘friendly’ venues that would gloss over, ignore anything detrimental or unseemly in the same manner that the press have treated MrsO.

  2. May I add that it is good to see a cartoonist with some wit–our AZ Republic hack Benson must be going through a bad divorce because all he draws is women pols looking hollow-eyed, old, crazy, and raddled–O’Donnell, Brewer, Palin…

  3. How disgusting. I thought at the time that these “shovel ready projects” were only going to benefit people working in construction — 15% of whom are illegal aliens. The ordinary office worker doesn’t have the knowledge to go out and start laying concrete floors, putting in dry wall, etc.

    I loathe this stupid man who has become our President — his stupid arrogance makes me sick. He’s out there strutting around talking about shovel ready projects and he doesn’t even know what the term means. Just run the teleprompter from now on. We don’t need to see the puppet.

  4. I ALWAYS wonder what I am not supposed to be focused on…these people do like their attempted distractions. For a few days, I wondered about a ‘surprise’ from the terrorist “chatter” stories being floated, but now, I heard their informant lied…

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