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Democrat Governors’ 2010 Travails are Obama’s 2012 Nightmare

President Barack Obama has been working feverishly to support embattled Democratic Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland in his bid for reelection, and it’s not because Obama necessarily necessary loves Ted Strickland. Strickland, after all, supported Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic primary and campaigned for her too.

The reason Obama wants so badly for Strickland to win is that, like all good politicians, he loves himself

"Hey Barry, sorry about all that supportin' Hillary stuff"

Ohio is probably the single most important state in the 2012 election, the ultimate swing state. If Obama loses in Ohio,  it is hard to imagine he will be reelected.

A governor has significant  power to help a presidential candidate carry his state, being able to campaign for him, use the party apparatus to get out the vote, and call in lots of political favors to gin up support.

Strickland has been consistently trailing Republican challenger John Kasich, the former congressman, in the polls, albeit by single digits. The state is being rocked hard by the lousy economy, and many voters blame Obama for not bringing them the jobs he promised.

That’s why Obama and Biden have be making the state a second home. And that’s why Sunday, the White House is calling out the Big Gun – you guessed it, Michelle – to try to boost the politically stricken Mr. Strickland.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama will attend a rich-people-only fundraiser for Stickland at a private residence in Chagrin Falls, Ohio this Sunday and then head to Columbus for a rally Sunday evening at Ohio State University.

But Ohio is not the only swing state presenting a gubernatorial problem for Obama. The Florida governorship, currently in Democratic hands, is a tossup, according to RealClearPolitics. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which also have Democratic governors, are leaning Republican. The only decent news for Obama is in Minnesota, which has a Republican governor but which is leaning Democratic.

Strickland himself has said that if he is reelected, he believes he can secure the state for Obama in 2012. Kasich is now using this against him, as you can see from the Kasich ad below.

Most voters are watching the House and Senate races. But the White House is just as keenly focused on the governors, because Axelrod, Plouffe and crew know that those races may matter more in determining whether Obama is reelected.

On election night, pay close attention to the governors. These are really the first contests of 2012.

3 thoughts on “Democrat Governors’ 2010 Travails are Obama’s 2012 Nightmare”

  1. My Ohio friends have indicated that they are fed up with the ‘corrupt’ Dems in office and plan to shoo every one who has not been indicted or arrested back to their private lives. The Prez is bringing MrsO to Ohio to help with the Black women’s vote or something.
    Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton are probably the Dem strongholds but the rest of the state is conservative on both sides of the political game.
    If my friends are correct, the good ship Ohio has already sailed.

    When MrO ran in 2008, he was the post-racial uniter who would change Washinton from the ‘good ol’ boys’ way of doing business. After he was elected he turned to the ‘shakers and movers’ like every President before him to get an agenda that the voters never envisioned. He now appeals to his “community” of Black voters, his alphabet union supporters and the wealthy elite. How he plans on convincing the rest of us that he’s actually President of all is a mystery. Nov2 will be the watershed that decides 2012.

    Former Arizona Gov Neapolitano did support MrObama in the 2008 election and was rewarded with a gov’t position she isn’t qualified to hold. Her background as a Federal prosecutor and political activist helped her to get elected while the State was roiling with imbecils and criminals in our government. Leaving us with…Gov Brewer, the BorderWars, the boycotts, the lawsuits , the support and admiration of 70% of the US.
    Thanks, MrPresident.

  2. Is ship sailed like saying the election is baked. Flying metaphors. I like “baked in the cake” because it sounds delicious. That predictable Charles Blow at the NYT says Obama is going racial with his appeals to Afircan-Americans not to desert him–and to his credit he seems to think this is a little cynical–but he also says the Dems took this out of the Republican playbook, implying that Republicans only want white voters, I guess. This is all dumb as hair. I liked one letter responding to Blow–they said OK, what about the other 87% of Americans? Who are they voting for?

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