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White House Dossier Guy Does RTAmerica TV

RTAmerica is the U.S. base of an international television network. Here, I take on Brent Budowsky, aliberal columnist for The Hill, who slams Republicans candidates as essentially a bunch of nuts and idiots. Had a lot of fun taping it, as you can probably see. Dina Gusovsky, the sharp and good humored host, moderates.

7 thoughts on “White House Dossier Guy Does RTAmerica TV”

  1. The discussion was certainly lively. I thought you made some really good points.
    As for the ‘deadly weapon’ ad, the folks of WVa understood the context and the meaning.

  2. Nice job, Kieth
    BTW, does the “RT” secretly stand for Republican Trashing TV?
    Each example made GOP cadidates look like loons.
    My God, you can’t throw a dead cat without hitting one of Harry Reid’s moronic statements.
    Does Dina know who Alan Grayson is?
    Yeesh…the Beltway Echo Chamber

  3. OMG–that woman’s voice could dice up a diamond. Painful! Yip, yip, yip. All the so-called stupid stuff is Republicans? Come on. You were good, Keith…but she was appalling. The other guy? Who cares.

  4. Mileage may vary…she gave me a headache that lasted the rest of the day…I also thought her questions were very biased. Oh, well..don’t want to put your future appearances in jep.

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