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Obama Seeks Relief With Friendly Crowds

It got a little hot in the backyard the other day.

The White House had been putting on these great little shows for a while where Obama heads into the home of “average” Americans, gives them a little pyschotherapy about the economy, and then heads out to the backyard to meet the neighbors.

Except that the other day the neighbors got unruly and roughed Obama up with critical questioning about his health care law, his treatment of small businesses, and so forth.

Obama and Rahm Emanuel hug.
At least Rahm still loves me. Rahm, can I do an event in your backyard? Oh, wait, you don't have a backyard.

And since then, Obama’s been staying out of people’s backyards. I guarantee you, someone at the White House who was strutting around accepting praise for his “backyard discussion” idea is now quietly working at his computer, trying to stay out of sight.

Instead, Obama’s now hanging out with those who still love him, namely the Democratic base. To be sure, the main purpose  is to get them to the polling booths in November. But one can’t help but think he may, as some of my readers have pointed out, be finding fewer places where he can be sure of a polite reception.

He’s held two events in recent days staged before largely black audiences. He did a “Town Hall” meeting this week  with members of Organizing for America, who were unlikely to ask him any tough questions since IT’S HIS ORGANIZATION.

And this afternoon at 4 pm he goes on MTV for some extra softball hitting practice.

But even the kids may be starting to think Obama’s not alright. A poll of college students puts the number who think he’s doing a good job at only 44 percent – down from 60 percent last year – with 27 percent saying they are not happy with his performance.

Dude, you’re like, messin’ up!

2 thoughts on “Obama Seeks Relief With Friendly Crowds”

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  2. It’s strange really . . . almost all the crowds set up by the WH are Potemkin Villages. You would be hard pressed to find a voting Republican in any of them.

    Then again, can you blame the WH? Mr. Obama is so fractured, so violently weak as a man, his handlers dare not chance a heckler stand up to the Paper Kitten. You saw what the conservative media did when they compared the Kitten to the Lion when Gov. Christie took the paint off a liberal f’tard at the education summit in New Jersey vs The President’s reaction to gay hecklers (who took away his viove’du-joie). The gulf between these two men is now historic. Great things are on the way for Christie, who is a fighter, a plugger, a politician who will take the right time to lay seige to issues and . . . win. Mr. Obama is a pedantic, cynical, professorial nitwit who has no ability for competition, except on the basketball court, where he excels.

    When the emperor has no clothes and only a basketball to hide his privates, yes, you must stack the crowd with smiling, flag-waving sheeple.

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