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Obama to Meet With Condoleezza Rice

They’ll huddle at the White House tomorrow afternoon, perhaps so he can get her advice on how not to run the National Security Council, since she apparently pretty much sucked at it. Or maybe he’s starting to reach out to Republicans again, since they’re going to be running stuff next year.

“They’ll discuss a range of foreign-policy issues,” a White House spokesman helpfully offered in a comment to the Washington Post. I guess they will.

2 thoughts on “Obama to Meet With Condoleezza Rice”

  1. One liberal talking to another liberal. Whats the big deal? I see ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE between Dr. Condi Rice and the President. None. There may be patent political intrigues which differentiate the way each feel about their party or each other, but they are, essentially, two liberals.

    Talking “National Security”? WTF. Mr. President you already have a NSA! And why would you bring back a has been from the last administration?

    LOL. O will probably ask her to play a game of one on one at the Navy b/ball court . . . with, er, ahum . . . Michelle’s permission.

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