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Obama Gets Right on Gay Orientation

Whatever’s in the scientific literature – and I don’t profess to know, although I do know people who have always been gay and others who have swung back and forth between being gay and straight – President Obama tonight made sure to come down firmly on the side, mandatory in polite society, that being gay is not a matter of choice.

“I don’t think it’s a choice,” he told a “town hall meeting” that appeared on MTV, BET and CMT. “I think that people are born with a certain makeup, and that we’re all children of God.  We don’t make determinations about who we love.  And that’s why I think that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is wrong.”

Whew. Just as he’s getting blasted by gay activists for failing to move faster on getting rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, adviser Valerie Jarrett the other day said being gay was a “lifestyle choice” in reference to a teen who had killed himself because of he was being bullied for being homosexual

She almost immediately dove into a frenzy of mea culpaing, declaring that “sexual orientation and gender identity are not a choice” and so forth. I’m sure that’s what she thinks. “Lifestyle choice” is one of those fuzzy and warm modern terms that sounds like you’re full of tolerance. I assume she used it because it sounded like she was being politically correct, but without thinking through what it actually meant. She just made the wrong sentence-style choice.

So Barack had to clean up the mess. Expect more heckling from gay activists in the days to come.

6 thoughts on “Obama Gets Right on Gay Orientation”

  1. Frankly, I don’t give a d*mn what consenting adults do to or for each other.
    I just don’t want to hear about it or watch it happen.

    This is another hot-button issue that O should let others talk about.

  2. This is another “I need the gay vote” scripted talk, designed exclusively to go after the GLBT vote (if O has not damaged himself too much in the gay community). It will work, because most GLBT vote with their emotions and not their minds (which is tragic).

    But lets be honest here —- I for one moment do NOT believe O, Jarrett or any of his advisors has ANY “love” for the gay community (political, not physical). I think O, like Clinton, like Carter, simply use the gay vote to push an agenda regardless of what the GLBT think as a group or individually. I think Jarrett’s “mea culpa” is pretty much the opinion within the smug, liberal, elite.

    And I continue to hear rumblings from the left from within the tribe . . . This “block vote” may crumble come Nov or 2012. I dont think O has a lock on it but then again anything can happen.

  3. Keith,

    Just read your last sentence … and its a whopper.

    The gays smell blood. Especially the left-wing Gay Fascists, so yes, you will see more heckling to come in the next few months and possible in 2012 if Obama does not grow a set and tell them to ‘ferme la’ bouche.’

    The left-wing, Marxist trash (that is the gay left) will run roughshod over the Paper Kitten. Its now up to Valerie Jarret to set up a meeting in the WH so that PK can meet some of these GLBT activities, bow, kowtow and kiss their shoes, or offer them free lube for life so that they will stop heckling him.

  4. On Chelsea Lately, one of the comedians joked about gay orientation being a choice–he said if it were a choice, wouldn’t more people choose it–gays are better dressed, buffer, richer, who wouldn’t choose it? I laughed, liittle un-PC rad that I am.

    1. Star it’s true, gay guys dress better, stay in shape, they can be wickedly clever, and so on. I can never seem to put any outfit together my wife finds acceptable. I think she would have married a gay guy except for the obvious problem . . .

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