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Obama Edges Toward Demagoguery

Please check out my latest piece for POLITICO. It, um, doesn’t pull any punches. Below are the first two paragraphs to give you an idea. You can get to the whole piece at POLITICO by clicking here.

President Barack Obama makes legitimate, mainstream arguments when he says it is dangerous for millions of dollars in untraceable funds to be used to fund political attacks and also charges that Republicans have been insufficiently responsive to his attempted bipartisanship.

But his current response to these problems represents a peril to Democracy and the proper functioning of government. By waging unsubstantiated rhetorical assaults on his opposition, and then demanding that they prove their innocence, Obama is headed into the domain of demagoguery — maybe even McCarthyism. An ominous place for a sitting president to be.

10 thoughts on “Obama Edges Toward Demagoguery”

  1. I tried to use your link and got an error page.

    Your points are good ones. Is this the Chicago Way that BO is using on the nation? Is he playing to some foreign audience that we haven’t identified yet?

    Can we survive two more years of him?

  2. Hypocrite and Liar
    Americans should be incensed that he levels these accusations when he has himself committed suspicious fund raising or borrowing from the Chinese.
    For one who would be the most uniting and transformative world figure in history, he sure is a small man.

  3. Perhaps the real problem lies with those who accept and spend money, based on the recent Supreme Court decision, without disclosing where the money comes from. Many of these ads themsleves are demagogic and at best half-truths. Anyway, McCarthy? PLEASE… talk about demagoguery!

    1. George – Demanding, in the political arena, that someone prove they are not guilty of a crime without providing any real evidence of wrongdoing is McCarthyite. I don’t like to overstate things, but I don’t want to understate them either, and people are being way too polite about what’s going on with the White House.

  4. Both sides have shadowy contributors. It was ever thus. What bothers me is the sort of wacky, unhinged quality of this lashing out. Gives me the jeebs. I think most Americans assume corporations cover all bets and give to both sides and don’t necessarily want this known. This so-called “foreign” money to the Chamber is some percentage of one percent–and does not have to be delineated, so the Chamber won’t. As I said before, it’s a peeing contest. And a creepy one.

  5. Keith, great peice in POLITICO. You make some salient points about O and his “rhetorical assault” on those who reject his Marxist politicies.

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