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Michelle Hits the Campaign Trail

She raised money last night in Chicago for Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias and then at a separate event for Democrats. The message was something like, “I’m a mom, and we need to support Barack Obama. The New York Times did a piece on it here.

3 thoughts on “Michelle Hits the Campaign Trail”

  1. MO the changeling. “I’m a Mom. I’m a Harvard grad. I’m a racist black. I’m a supporter of the military families. I”m a healthy eating backyard gardener. I’m a fashion icon.”

    A MO for every occasion.

  2. The MSM has it SO wrong. MrsO is not regarded kindly by women of either party. Her continuous harping about the FatKidsBehinds is not only insulting to parents, it is an underhanded attempt to provide the SEIU with additional power and influence with the passage of her proposed 10billion dollar bill. The O’s lavish lifestyle in this era of depression is offensive to those who no longer have a job and are existing on food stamps for the first time in their lives.
    MrsO’s admitted distain for America was only improved by the election of her husband to the Presidency.
    We expected more from the Obamas, we expected class and dignity from both of them and we haven’t seen it yet.

  3. She could always go to a gay bathhouse and politic for Barack there. She could stand up on a chair in the steam room, ask for everyone’s attention and then deliver a carefully scripted speech about the environment and Barack’s ability to deliver on gay issues. When she was hooted, heckled and howled down she could then deliver the coup de grace: free lube for life, just bring in your voting chit to your nearest porn store and the WH will pay. It is not quite quid pro quo . . .

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