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Gibbs: Obama Strongly Opposes Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today emphasized that President Obama wants an end to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, even as his administration appears likely to appeal a judge’s ruling that the law in unconstitutional.

Briefing reporters today off-camera, Gibbs found about seven different ways to say Obama opposes the policy, apparently seeking to reassure gay rights groups that have become increasingly vocal – often within hearing range of the president – in their demands that he end it. Gibbs asserted:

The president believes this policy is unjust and detrimental to our national security. He strongly believes it’s time for this policy to end.

But the ruling has put Obama in an awkward position, since it seems that as a legal matter the Justice Department has an obligation to challenge a ruling that voids a standing law of the United States. This won’t sit well with gay activists and others who want to put DADT to bed.

Gibbs said the policy should be ended “in an orderly way,” calling on the Senate to act to abolish the law, as the House already done.

3 thoughts on “Gibbs: Obama Strongly Opposes Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

  1. This has always been so muddled–some generals didn’t want so-called problems, so could you just shut up, if you’re gay…by shut up, we mean if you make a point of it, we will ruin you and your career–but hey it’s just a suggestion…

  2. No matter what the politicians do, the military machine will decide how to handle homosexual personnel. If they don’t have the DADT to rely on, they’ll just go back to the tried and true “unfit for military duty” or some such charge.
    Civil Rights in the military are the “rights” that your commanding officer allows you to enjoy. Of the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” mantra, the military only allows the first one but even that isn’t guaranteed.

    1. srdem65 – really well said. A lot of things there I had never thought of. The military is hardly a place for “free expression,” whatever it is you want to express. And Star, yeah, I think that your saying something similar. It will just be, “shut up,” I’m the commander, and I don’t care what Nancy Pelosi or even Barack Obama say. They’re not here in Kandahar.

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