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Obama’s Own Vitriol Will Sink Him

There is a good piece today in POLITICO about the White House in attack mode. The idea, the article says, is more to gin up the Democratic base than turn independents against Republicans.

Obama has of course not just entered the political fray, but done so with a sense of abandon and at a level of vitriol unprecedented for a sitting president. This will have grave consequence for him, both this year and in 2012.

The attacks may tune in a distracted and disaffected Democratic base to some extent, but they will backfire among the larger voting population, which cares deeply about issues, is genuinely concerned about the economy, and wants seriousness, not a load of PR nonsense.

The assault on the GOP is as likely to turn off mainstream voters as it is to excite the Democratic base, and it will have the unintended effect of galvanizing conservatives even further.

Republicans are benefiting by looking like the more serious-minded of the two political Parties during serious times.

Voters put him in office not because of his policies, which aren’t particularly popular, but because of who he seemed to be. And it turns out – and this is the problem with electing to the presidency someone who is an unknown quantity – he’s turning out not to be who he seemed to be.

And Obama, by characterizing Republicans as the new evildoers on the world stage, is also busy completely overhauling is image.

He appeared to be something new, someone shining above the grunge of everyday politics, someone who would lead the country into a post-partisan, post-racial, post-lousy-place-where-we-were world.

But it turns out he wasn’t any of these things. What we see today in the White House is something shockingly familiar: a politician – and a particularly partisan and sharp elbowed one at that – doing whatever it takes to ensure his political survival.

Average voters will make Obama pay in 2012 for the deception of 2008.

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Own Vitriol Will Sink Him”

  1. Keith…great read of newest dem attacks. It always seems that the true politicians never really ‘get it…especially after being in power for a while. With Obama, the ‘conversion’ actually took place long before he became the President. His self-serving, delusional view of the world will be remembered long after he is out of office – even more so then that of being the first black president.

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  3. The beginning of this article paints the WH as the innocent victim of it’s “enemies” who conducted an unwarrented “smear” campaign against the Dems and the POTUS. That is a rewrite of history and a distortion of what really happened. The “enemy” was the American taxpayer and the “smear” came from the MSM, the WH and every Dem who could find a microphone.
    The name-calling, the smears, directed at the taxpayers who objected to the money spent on TARP and other bailouts, plus the hated and feared Obamacare were viscious, non-ending and polarizing.

    The only thing that has changed is the target of the WH’s anger and vitriol; their base voters are now being assailed as apathetic and impatient. The Prez sounds like a crazy man, shouting at his supporters, blaming everyone for his failures and making false claims against his “enemies”.

    A piece written by RogerSimon in Politico today expresses the weariness of the MSM for this long campaign and is exasperated that there are 3 weeks to go before it’s finally over.
    MrSimon can relax, it’s already over. No minds need to be changed, voting has already commenced in many states and barring the revelation of a past career in XXX films or a sudden, unexpected national disaster, the candidates leading in the polls will prevail.
    The electorate will not forget what the Prez said and how he said it. He has time to change his message, to face the loss of the Dem majority with grace and class. If his advisors will look beyond Nov2, they’ll help him turn the message to one of unity and brotherhood for all of us.

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