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Obama Ends the Gulf Drilling Ban

But Democrat Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, who hails from a conservative state but has backed Obama’s agenda, still has political points to make and is maintaining her hold on the nomination of Jack Lew to be OMB director.

Hmmm. I'm Jack Lew. What the Hell do I have to do with the Gulf oil spill?

I’m sorry, I mean she still wants to keep Obama’s feet to the fire and ensure that they start approving permits right quickly. OK, maybe some of both.

Obama bought this kind of response with his hasty decision to put people out of work by stopping the drills. This was the first accident of such magnitude in decades of drilling, and safeguards could safely have been put in place while work continued. So new he’s ended the ban a month ahead of schedule to try to get Lew set up to write next year’s budget, which must be ready by early February.

Landrieu’s potential problem in Louisiana is that she was one of the last Democrats to come around on the health reform bill. I grabbed her in a Senate hallway one day to see when she would cave, and she was all, “we gotta have yadda yadda,” but in the end you knew she’d fall into line, and she did.

Louisiana can’t be too pleased. So she hopes they’ll like the smell of the stink she’s making now.

4 thoughts on “Obama Ends the Gulf Drilling Ban”

  1. MrCarville might have been instrumental in getting his people back to work, too. The drilling ban was made in haste and without much concern for the economy of that area.
    While this isn’t ‘creating’ jobs, it’s great to see folks going back to work.
    Drill, baby, drill.

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