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Obama to Campaign Against O’Donnell in Delaware

I have to say, this is kind of odd. President Obama will travel to Delaware Friday where, along with Vice President Biden, he will campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons and Republican and Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell.

Unless she’s up to some kind of witchcraft that none of us understand, this state appears to be a lock for the Democrats, and a trip there amounts to a strange use of valuable presidential time. Every poll taken since last month shows Coons up by at least 15 percent.

Obama must be going there for one of two reasons. He may be doing some kind of personal favor to Vice President Biden, who formerly held the seat.

Or it could be that internal campaign polls are closer than the ones we’ve seen, and that there is grave concern that Democrats won’t turn up on Election Day. Obama now is all about getting the base “fired up and ready to go.” Coons will need his backers not just to say they’ll vote, but to do it.

5 thoughts on “Obama to Campaign Against O’Donnell in Delaware”

  1. Hmm. The top duo is going to raise money for a candidate running against a woman who has been reviled, ridiculed, trashed and tromped upon by the MSM because she went on a teen-age date with a loser/weirdo. MsODonnell also lost her home to foreclosure, had trouble finding a job and is a devout Christian who believes her Bible in a literal manner.
    She has raised millions of dollars from donors who like her, want her to win and are outraged at the scurrilous attacks on this attractive, articulate woman.
    MrCoons is a Democrat with anti-Democracy ideas. He is boring and has been unable to raise much money since he is clearly not “all that”.

    Maybe there’s going to be a lobster-fest in Delaware or VPBiden is homesick.

  2. Where else is Obama going to campaign, Guam?

    The guy is kryptonite right now and if anything he should start thinking about 2012. How long is it going to take until he directs Peter Rouse to start using the Lincoln bedroom as a cash machine?

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