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Gibbs: Attacks on the Chamber Will Continue

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today asserted that suggestions by President Obama that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is using foreign money to fund political attack ads will continue, despite the conclusion by an independent website that there is no evidence this is happening.

Gibbs spoke this morning at the the off-camera White House gaggle.

The president will continue to make this argument . . . We don’t know where this money comes from.”

Gibbs said it “doesn’t bother me at all” that Politifact has come down against Obama. The website labeled the claim a “half-truth” and noted the Chamber had denied it.

“At least we’re giving you half the truth, Gibbs said.

Well, he didn’t say that, but he might as well have. Gibbs also mocked Karl Rove, who has also been in the White House cross hairs, and who has decided to take the bait by responding and giving Obama & Crew yet more grist for their attacks.

Rove said Obama has a Nixon-style enemies list. Gibbs today impishly held up a blank piece of paper, saying it was indeed Obama’s enemies list, and demanded to see the donors list to Rove’s political group, American Crossroads.

But White House Dossier believes Rove may be correct, since he had his own lengthy enemies list while in the White House and presumably knows what they look like.

9 thoughts on “Gibbs: Attacks on the Chamber Will Continue”

  1. If the “average” voter (out here) hears Chamber of Commerce, they think of their local chamber–they may even be a member…why is the president attacking us…

  2. Plus–this is quite “transparently” a peeing contest with the head of the US Chamber, who is not bowing, ring kissing, and running across the square to be co-opted as he should.

    Don’t you almost laugh with Gibbsy holds up a blank piece of paper and says this is our enemies list. It’s comedy! Honestly.

  3. The Chamber of Commerce, I have read, is an organization that supports illegal alien immigration and amnesty — right or wrong? Who knows?

    But I personally remember when Obama decided not to disclose the source of his record-breaking contributions. Want to bet that his spontaneous bow to the King of Saudi Arabia was a ‘thank you’ bow? I’ll put money on it.

    How amusing that BO pursues this ruinous attack (though it might play well among the Obots) and then dashes out of the country to entrench himself for his post-Presidency global Wise One position by gathering in another continent at U.S. taxpayers’ expense. That’s been his pattern though — crisis, disappear, wait for others to do something, reappear and criticize.

  4. For all the money our gov’t pumped into the coffers of foreign leaders, dictators and despots to shore up their regimes, the WH has a lot of nerve making a fuss over any foreign money used to buy ads here in the US.
    The Japanese, who located auto plants here, have a vested interest in the stable financial health of the US. The Chinese, who own so much of our Federal debt, also have a reasonable interest in the outcome of our up-coming election.
    Attacking an American institution like the Chamber of Commerce is not wise.

  5. Today during a new briefing Robert Gibbs announced the Girl Scouts of America are selling cookies to foreign goverments and secretly channeling the money to sources that are funding political attack ads by the RNC against the Democrats. I have no proof but hey, its up to them to disclose and disprove.

  6. The WH has been at war with the COC for quite some time. Its not surpising as the COC represents free market capitalism … the type that refuses to kowtow to Obama, hence the ongoing war against them (and as a poster said, “[against] us.”

    Savage said it best last night: Like Anita Dunn, Van Jones, Carol Browner, Mark Lloyd, Cass Sunstein (the list goes on), Barack Obama is, himself a devotee of Maoist revolution, although its of the liberal, astute, patent leather, crisp, tie-wearing variety. In the end Obama will direct his minions to follow the Socialist cause even if it means the destruction of the COC or any other organization that does not pay homage to this Communist prig.

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