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It’s Clooney!

One of the awesome things about being president is that you get to meet with cool celebrities who are doing their do-good thing around the world.

George Clooney is just back from Sudan and his headed directly to the Oval Office this afternoon to brief Obama.

Mrs. Obama has for some reason demanded to be in attendance, even though Sudan is not directly in her portfolio. She will be bringing all of her female staffers.

8 thoughts on “It’s Clooney!”

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  2. I wish I was as smart as a celeb. One day in the fields, a short trip to the Sudan, and you’re an expert worthy of the federal government’s ear.

    I wonder if MO will be wearing one of her “here’s my merchandise” dresses to meet the great Clooney.

  3. MrsO and her staff have a great deal of interest in the obese children living in the Sudan that MrClooney will be discussing. MrsO will then oversee a shipment of low-fat, organic veggies and 5million hula-hoops to the obese Sudanese schoolchildren.
    It is not true that MrClooney’s fame and good looks were in any way a reason for the FL and her staff’s visit to the Oval Office.

  4. Yeah, it’s bad when we can’t tell the truth about the First Woman (she’s no lady) and the comedy? Over at Michelle Obama’s Mirror I had to ask if a photo was a comedy photoshop or a dress that she actually wore in public.

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