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Obama Fundraiser at Alonzo Mourning’s Home

Obama lands at the swank Miami castle of the former NBA star to dig for gold. Interesting pool report filed by Kara Rowland of the Washington Times.

After an uneventful 27-minute motorcade, pool arrived at 5:07 p.m. at the home of retired Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning for a private fundraiser to benefit the DCCC and two-term incumbent Rep. Ron Klein. Pool did not see POTUS but assumes he arrived as well.

The NBA legend’s gated Coral Gables neighborhood was lined with palm trees and imposing, white box-like mansions. As pool was ushered in, some members caught a glimpse of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh upstairs on a luxurious balcony. We passed by tables set up under a huge white tent, situated for a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay. Island music played as a few guests waited at the seats, with most empty. Two wooden, upscale hammock/couches were spotted on the lawn.

Pool is holding now in the unfinished basement crawl space of Alonzo Mourning. As one might imagine, it is vast and contains a wide array of possessions. Spotted by pool are dozens of pairs of size 17 sneakers piled up, a huge stack of Christmas decorations, tires and what appear to be childrens’ toys. Some old treadmills are stacked in the corner of the room.

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3 thoughts on “Obama Fundraiser at Alonzo Mourning’s Home”

  1. In the basement crawl space!! Oh, my.
    Let’s go the high road; the organizers of this affair forgot about the traveling Press so someone was told to ‘put’ them somewhere out of sight of the ‘elites’.
    What an unglamorous job, from the outlier of the golf course to the basement crawl space.

  2. I wish I could be there just to hear BHO’s accent du jour. I expect he’ll be down with the bros and the Jeremiah Wright accent will be retired for the day.
    I also expect he’ll play Bball with the pros and, low and behold, he’ll win.
    I just hope the candy dishes don’t contain any white powdery substances..

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