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Gay Protestors on Boats Try to Disrupt Obama

This is great. Planned like a military operation. Obama fundraiser at Alonzo Mourning’s Miami pad looks out on turbulent waters. From the pool report.

As he is speaking, air horns can be heard across the bay, and pool is told by a GetEQUAL spokesman that they are activists protesting the administration on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Appear to have several small boats, at one point pool can hear some yelling. Some members of the audience look over but noise is not loud enough to disrupt and POTUS continues uninterrupted.

Pool is told the Miami Dade police have circled the GetEQUAL activists’ boats and sirens can be heard.

4 thoughts on “Gay Protestors on Boats Try to Disrupt Obama”

  1. DADT seems to be a great big burr in the gay communitie’s saddle. What seems to be part of the problem is that the non-gay folks don’t want to know who’s gay. Sex-themed parades make non-gays cringe. For that matter, a sex-themed parade of non-gay prostitutes would make us cringe.

    About the pro-gay boat floatilla; they exercised their Freedom of Speech and got the attention of some important people. The important people were irritated and called the police to silence the DADT proponents.

    Like my grandson says, “don’t wanna see ya, don’t wanna be ya”.

  2. I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it. Did I say that I loved this? Anytime the gay left PROTESTS this Marxist prig, I always stand amazed …. as the far left gays CANNOT be talked to or dealt with. So when they turn on the Marxist in Chief, I am quite suprised. But it makes me smile.

    As a (right wing) homosexual, I am an *expert* on the Fascist Gay Left. Obama could end AIDS today with a wonderdrug – they would still protest him (or anyone else). They live to protest. They are made up of white, rich, educated, elitists … who will protest when they are not given the right color of condom. I’ve seen them at gay pride parades … where they protest the parade because its homophobic!

    srdem65 you hit the nail on the head: its makes non-gays cringe. THATS THE REASON THEY DO IT. Its the reason the Fascist Gay Left holds the Folsom Street Festival in San Fran — where “leather daddies” have sex in public … and the police do nothing.

    So when the Fascist Gay Left turns on the Fascist left, its a good thing. If only this happened more often.

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