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Obama on Dad Duty

Obama heads to Malia’s soccer game. From the pool report.

Under gorgeous skies with big puffy clouds, the travel pool motorcade left the White House at 9:20 a.m. After an uneventful trip and stopping at most lights, we turned onto Rock Creek Parkway.
We exited Mass Ave and passed by VP Biden’s house (thought VPOTUS is in Delaware.)
We stopped at 9:32 a.m. on a wooded street near Hearst Recreation Center.
Ben Finkenbinder, dressed in sporty garb, said he believes the president is watching Malia’s game.
A resident on the street where we’re stopped asked our driver if his Comcast appointment would still make it between 8 and 11. Driver told worried man we would probably be gone by then.
Your pooler and most on duty today did not glimpse the president at either end, but a photographer snapped one photo as we left the White House. Obama was wearing sneakers, dark shades, a white shirt and what looked to be a blue windbreaker.

It’s beautiful in Washington, and it will be golf this afternoon, I guarantee it.

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