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The White House’s “West Wing Week”

Yes, this is propaganda, but it’s hardly over the top and I thought you might want to see some of the behind the scenes stuff.

5 thoughts on “The White House’s “West Wing Week””

  1. Thanks, Keith.
    The Prez is so much more effective when he’s acting Presidential and not partisan. His comment about the “other side” and their supposed goal to cut educational funding was the only jarring note in this video. He didn’t have to make that comment, it made him sound whiny and small.
    He’s obviously proud of his agenda and his achievements. He could just talk about them and not hurt his political ambitions at all.

  2. That was very interesting. Thank you for posting it for us. It was useful to see behind the scenes. Michelle stood out like a sore thumb in her red dress amid all the somber colors in the audience. Obama acts as if our country isn’t in a crisis over debt — and does more money mean better education? Never has in the past. College and universities have driven up costs by high-living and free-spending. We need to stop requiring college for everyone in order to get a basic job. A person with motivation can be self-educated and know much more than a “get my ticket punched” college grad.

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