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Economy Sheds Jobs, Again

The overall economy lost 95,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department reported, while the private sector gained 64,000, a sluggish pace that is slower than expected.

Obama, who speaks on the jobs report this afternoon, will note the private sector increase and say that we are “headed in the right direction” while acknowledging things need to move more quickly.

But this is a disaster for him. It’s the last report before Election Day, and it will cement the perception that all is not well.

Update: Obama’s comments on the figures in Bladensburg, Md.

Yes, the trend line in private sector job growth is moving in the right direction but I’m not interested in trends or figures as much as I am interested in the people behind them . . . the millions of honest, hard working Americans swept up in the one of the most devastating recessions of our lifetimes.

4 thoughts on “Economy Sheds Jobs, Again”

  1. Yup, them ‘cuts’ in gumint spendin’ sure convinced me to harr another twenty workers, thanks mista Prezident!

    Conveniently he forgot to mention u-6, the total measure of un/underemployment rose to 17.1%!

  2. oh yeah, I forgot, we’re going to create more ‘jobs’ for roadway and infrastructure ‘investment’.

    If things locally are any indicator, lots more yobs for illegal laborers, wunderbar.

  3. I am always out here hustling for writing assignments and no one seems to want to pay much or on time or sometimes at all. Or else you can sign your life over to some slop shop and write “articles” for three bucks each. For writers, this is unemployment–and it’s not counted. I personally know a dozen in this situation.

  4. He’s not interested in numbers. He’s interested in people. The numbers reflect the situation of the people, but he would like to focus on the people — and ignor that they are living in cars, wearing worn clothes, wondering where their lives went? He did this little dance with the question about why his girls aren’t in public school. BO said essentially, “We could get our daughters into a good public school, but we chose to send them to a toney private one. But let’s ignore all that and pretend that I understand your pain.”

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