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Video: Axelrod on the Letterman Show

Axelrod is mostly being humorous, but there is a good little preview of how the Obama people would attack Mitt Romney, who I think is the leading Republican presidential prospect now, though for sure he has no lock on the thing.

Axelrod here cries some crocodile tears for Romney’s unfortunate decision to cease being a moderate who ran an Obamacare test run in Massachusetts and to start catering to the right instead.

The message: You are a Fraud, Sir.

And with Romney, the biggest GOP issue of the campaign, health reform, may be neutralized.

Also notable how cozy Letterman is with the guy. I’ve seen him try to disembowel conservatives he has on the show.

7 Responses to Video: Axelrod on the Letterman Show

  1. He was given the questions beforehand. Fox News doesn’t promote birtherism, Glenn Beck and the rest. Other than that it wasn’t bad especially his prepared withcraft comment.

  2. When these types say something should not be on the air or should be taken off, I feel like saying, “Yeah? Well, you should not be on the air! For one thing, you are boring!” Then, like the 5-yr-old I sound like, I eat more paste.