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President and Mrs. Obama to Attend Fundraisers Together

This is really sweet. President Obama and Michelle Obama will travel to Ohio October 17 to  raise money TOGETHER.

With his popularity in the dumps and hers still somewhere above 50 percent, the president has decided to take the Misses along to his day job, staging an event with her in Cleveland for Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and then moving on to a DNC fundraiser in Columbus.

The presence of the first lady may also be an attempt to help Obama in the Buckeye state, which is experiencing a grand case of presidential buyers remorse and which Obama needs to win reelection.

4 thoughts on “President and Mrs. Obama to Attend Fundraisers Together”

  1. Goodness, how many trips to the Buckeye state can he make without looking desperate. Even the well-liked Mrs O can’t change the way the folks in Ohio feel about the economy.

  2. Regardless of how many fundraisers POTUS brings FLOTUS to, she is still toxic; I dont think they will raise as much cash as they think they will. Talking of cash, fundraisers and the freedom to give to political parties (and political organizations), I wonder how much the liberal RINO John “McCain-Feingold” McCain raised this year?

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