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Heckler to Obama: You’re a Liar!

A little disruption today during Obama’s appearance in Bowie, Md. This dude’s spontaneous outrage was, um, filmed by his friends.

Looks less like he was attacked than that he got the Hell out of there for fear of being attacked.

10 Responses to Heckler to Obama: You’re a Liar!

  1. “Looks less like he was attacked than that he got the Hell out of there for fear of being attacked.”

    I was there. I wouldn’t call it “spontaneous outrage” I would call it speaking the truth and exercising his freedom of speech. I witnessed him getting punched and pushed several times. We were all screamed at, and told to “get the **** out of here”. I wouldn’t call it “running from the attack” when someone who is 6ft & 200+ lbs, pushes, punches and threatens a man who I know only to stand about 5’9 and weigh tops 160. I would call that being beaten up.

    • OK, if you were there, fair enough, he should not be attacked by anyone. He may have had just cause to get the Hell out of there. And I do admire commitment to one’s beliefs, and I think it took some courage to yell out “liar” from within a very pro-Obama crowd.

      But please explain to me how it advances the cause of free speech to interrupt it by mindlessly screaming out an insult. An organized protest that said something might have been one thing. But this is self-indulgence and looks a lot to me like a mere effort – and I assume a successful one – to draw lots of hits on YouTube and self-promote.

  2. The worst part of this is BHO rehashing his speech from a few weeks ago about if “if I say the sky is blue, they will say it’s not, if I say there are fish in the water….”. He sounds so immature and whiny. I need a cocktail.

  3. When we go to my mother’s, she has that fourth hour of TODAY on and that Hoda and the other woman always have a cocktail–it’s 2 PM or something. I think this is excellent. Let’s do it on all the news.