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White House: No Talk of Hillary for VP

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today sought to bat down talk – initiated by Bob Woodward on CNN last night – that there is any talk in the White House of Secretary of State Clinton replacing Vice President Biden on the ballot in 2012. This doesn’t mean there isn’t talk about it somewhere else, and it would be pretty much the first refutation out of the White House of anything Bob Woodward, author of the just released “Obama’s Wars,” has recently said or written.

But Gibbs gave a pretty firm pushback on Woodward’s comment, lavishly praising Clinton’s role as Secretary of State and Biden’s as VP.

Gibbs also sought to brush aside rumors that he may go to the DNC, saying he hasn’t talked to anyone about taking the post.

5 thoughts on “White House: No Talk of Hillary for VP”

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  2. MrGibbs has cleared that up for all of us, thank you very much.
    MrWoodward must have made that up in an effort to embarass the WH or something.
    VPBiden is doing a good ‘job’, whatever that might entail.
    MrsClinton is out of the country, out of DC and that’s where O wants her to be. Doing a good job. For us.
    Move along, nothing to see here.

  3. Keith: Good point.

    In the deep bowels of the WH, there are certainly talks underway between the Obamanista’s and Hillarista’s. I don’t for a second doubt it. Obama and Hillary are, and probably will be, in a constant state of seige warfare until Super Tuesday. However, I think Axelrod and Hillary’s gestapo are probably secretely negotiating what-happens-after-were-waxed-in-November. I still beleive Hillary will leave in JAN or FEB with a delayed smokescreen about family, future grandkids, whatever. A Democratic operative here in Texas told me that Hillary’s “war room” is not only up and running but working overtime.

    Do not count Clinton out. She’s building a Dem coalition as we speak. She’s coming back … and this time, its personal.

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