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Obama Morning News || October 6, 2010

There were a bunch of good articles I thought you might be interested in this morning so I thought I’d do the morning news.

Woodward: Hillary VP Move on the Table . . . POLITICO
Obama Starts to Get the Left in Gear . . . New York Times
Latino Vote Likely to Lag, Hurting Dems . . . New York Times
White House Use of Foes Tax Records Reviewed . . . Washington Times
Obama: GOP Would Cut Education Spending . . . Washington Post
GOP and Dems Say EPA Goes too Far . . . McClatchy
White House: System Worked Against Bomber . . . POLITICO
Is The Donald Running for President? . . . Los Angeles Times
Arnold: Obama Will Win in 2012 . . . POLITICO

2 Responses to Obama Morning News || October 6, 2010

  1. MrsClinton has unfortunately been covered in the toxic sludge of the Obama administration. Had she remained a Senator and not signed on as S o S, she would be cast in the same light as all the Senate Dems who voted for the programs the voters hate. A lose/lose for her in another attempt at the WH.
    The voters have been evicted, verbally assulted, robbed and kicked to the curb; 12 months isn’t enough time for O and the voters to kiss and make up.

  2. I agree. Clinton sold out. Period. I supported her. Now, never would. Well, maybe–let me see who the Reps put up. Basically, at this point I know what I don’t want and it’s this admin.