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Michelle to Activists: “Do Whatever it Takes”

Well, not whatever it takes.

Speaking by conference call to members of Organizing for America, President Obama’s political arm, Michelle Obama today called on activists and other supporters to get busy knocking on doors and making phone calls to get people to the polls this November.

The twelve minute chat by Mrs. Obama, who took two friendly and possibly scripted questions-one inquisitor was clearly reading, though whether to be able to faithfully convey her own question or someone else’s, I do not know – is part of a carefully organized White House campaign to close the “enthusiasm gap.”

Michelle hugs Obama
"I got your back, sweetie."
Pollsters say Obama’s opponents are much more interested in getting to the poll booths this fall than his friends..

“All of you are his compass,” Mrs. Obama said of Mr. Obama, who last I checked was working for the American people and not a group of his most rabid supporters. “We’re going to need you all to work harder than ever,” she said.

“I want you guys to be fired up and ready to go,” she added, asserting, “The worst possible thing to do would be not to vote this November. Don’t stay home, don’t let frustration keep you from voting.

Mrs. Obama was alluding to the fact that “change” and economic improvement are not coming quickly enough for Obama backers.

“I’m going to be out there joining you,” she added. The president will do a similar phone call next week.

6 thoughts on “Michelle to Activists: “Do Whatever it Takes””

    1. Star – that’s a good question – Not sure where this falls. I think it’s fundraiser that you can’t do. I’m going to ask because in a way it’s coupled with her asking for $3 from people.

  1. Assuming she is still the First Lady of the United States and not the Democratic party, perhaps she’d like to make a televised public announcement plea to all Americans to get moving and cast their vote.
    The same goes for the President; when he rails against the ‘other side’ or his opponents, he’s not referring to foreign enemies of America but Americans who don’t like his agenda. He has apparently forgotten or never understood that his position isn’t and shouldn’t be partisan.

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