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Rahm Descends Into Retail Politics

Rahm started running for mayor of Chicago Monday, and the results were mixed. Seems he got heckled plenty as he began his “listening tour,” which will be followed if he gets into office by his “expletive tour” as he meets his new employees.

Just the site of Rahm suddenly kissing ass is quite shocking. One day, he’s at the podium in the East Room. The next, he’s at a subway stop in Chicago.

A lot of Hispanics seem unhappy that the White House made so little progress on immigration reform. And he got some complaints from a feisty African American blogger than not enough “stimulus” has made its way to black neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, with the tenants of his house still refusing to break the lease and move out, questions linger over whether Rahm has the right to run at all.

The Chicago Sun-Times has a rundown of his day as well as some photos of all the fun.

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