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Obama Thinks Flat Screen TV Owners are Rich

President Obama, the man who recently tried to buy four apples with a dollar, now thinks owners of flat panel TVs are rich.

Here’s what Obama said Monday during a meeting with an economic panel he himself appointed, which unexpectedly gave him some push back on his plan to raise taxes on higher income earners. He complains that maintaining the lower Bush-era tax rates for the upper brackets would cost $700 billion in lost revenues and do little to stimulate spending.

I don’t know of any economist . . .  who would argue that we are more likely to get a bump in aggregate demand from $700 billion of borrowed money going to people like those of us around this table who, I suspect, if we want a flat screen TV can afford one right now and are going out and buying one.

Obama appears to think you have to be rich to afford a flat screen TV. But according to HDTV magazine, two thirds of U.S. households now own “at least one” high definition television. That’s 50 percent more  households than own a dog. Prices for new flat screen televisions these days start at less than $200.

So yes, you do have to be a millionaire to purchase a flat screen TV. That is, if you want to buy 40 of them.

Apparently, the person in charge of running our economy has no idea what anything costs.

One exception: Obama probably does know the price of lobster, which he has been consuming at an alarming rate.

6 Responses to Obama Thinks Flat Screen TV Owners are Rich

  1. I don’t know where he got that–I suspect from a vague concept of someone looting TVs like they are so wanted people will do anything to get one–or someone who should have saved that money for college for their kids–or some vaguely judgmental feeling that one should not have a flatscreen. I don’t but my sister does. Big deal. So condescending.