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Obama To Take Solar Panels; Aspires to be Jimmy Carter

Obama’s quest to look as much like Jimmy Carter as possible is picking up steam with the decision by the current president to install solar panels on the roof  of the White House to heat the water and provide a little electricity too.

Obama image-meisters thought long and hard before agreeing to environmentalists’ demands the White House take on solar power, fearing comparisons with Carter, who made a big to-do of the panels he installed and famously lectured Americans to turn down their thermostats, pissing everybody off.

White House Dossier had helpfully compiled for you the burgeoning list of eerie similarities between the failed Carter presidency and the Obama administration. Here’s what the two presidents have in common:

1. Solar Panels in the White House

2. Can’t quite fix the economy.

3. Think they can appease an implacable enemy. Carter: The Soviets; Obama: Islamic extremists.

4. Like to tell Americans they can’t have their nice, cheap fossil fuels.

5. Presided over a country experiencing profound “malaise” that they couldn’t cure

6. Watched helplessly as their popularity declined.

7. Have a black African father and a white American mother.

8. Grew up on a peanut farm.

9. Have a wife named Rosalynn and a daughter named Amy.

10. Once got a wet kiss from Leonid Brezhnev

11. Are routinely bullied by bunny rabbits.

12. Like to hang out in the Green Room playing air guitar to AC/DC hits.

Okay, the last few got a little bit silly. But I think you understand what I mean. Obama needs to make some changes or he too may have to commence his ex-president’s career before his second term can start.

8 thoughts on “Obama To Take Solar Panels; Aspires to be Jimmy Carter”

  1. Of course, the irony is, Carter was right. Pundits and comedians made fun — and stupid Americans listened — and now we’re even more completely destroyed the atmosphere. Leading is tough — and sometimes you have to lose in order to win.

  2. Solar panels usually work best in sunny climates, like Arizona. But, what the hey, it can’t hurt to show something positive to the voters.

    We’d all love to have solar-powered electricity in the Southwest but it’s way too expensive for ordinary folks to buy and install.

    MrCarter was basically a nice man and not well suited for the mean world. Now, his wife Rosalynn, she was a mean woman, pushy too. Sorta’ like Mrs O.

  3. According to “Drudge”, Mrs O is soliciting money for the Dems “as little as $3” in additon to her “get moving” you lazy bums speech on Wednesday.

    Who donates $3 to a campaign fund?
    Besides more of the same misery what else do you get for that amount:
    For a $3 donation, the WH will allow you to stand behind the fence and watch Reggie walk Bo, the dog.

    I never thought I’d see the day when incumbents running for re-election would be ashamed to say they were Democrats, ashamed to stand on their voting record and ashamed to be seen with their own POTUS. And now, the Prez is begging his base to vote and the FLOTUS is begging for campaign money from the poor. It’s a sad, sad time.

  4. You got it, SrDem! Solar for my 1,350 sf rancher–$20K. Don’t have it lying around. I also priced a fancy schmancy high tech window–5 feet by 7–$2K. Nopers!

    Did he even ASK why those WH panels aren’t there anymore?

  5. I thought Obama has a brother named Billy?

    Also, Carter said he made policy decisions on arms control after talking to his daughter. O said in a press conference his daughter every day asked if he plugged up the wellhead in the gulf.

    Still, when it comes to comparisons if health care never passed Obama in 30 years would have released his diaries saying it was all Scott Brown’s fault.

  6. I think he thinks so-=called “rich” people would only load up on trinkets like flatscreens and when they have had their nefarious fill, would hoard the money instead of starting a new franchise location and hiriing people or. Wait, that IS what they will do if they don’t know what the tax bill will be.

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