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Obama Schedule || October 6, 2010

12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
1:45 pm || Awards Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller, U.S. Army, the Medal of Honor
4:25 pm || Departs White House
5:30 pm || Arrives Newark, NJ
6:00 pm || Attends DNC fundraising dinner in Cresskill, NJ
7:45 pm || Departs Newark
8:50 pm || Arrives White House

Gibbs will brief off camera at 10:30 am

All times Eastern

6 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || October 6, 2010”

  1. Sgt Miller’s award has brought his family some solace but not enough to ease their pain. They were interviewed on TV this afternoon and while they were very proud of their young son, their sorrow was so apparent it was heartbreaking.

    Rest easy, Sarge. America salutes you.

  2. Keith, I think you are letting your bias get the better of you. Well maybe you are not directing that episitle at the thinking portion of people who read your blog but rather to the portion of the people that accept your opinion no matter what it is, I would rather that you always take the high road. It will stand you better in the long run.
    As always
    Your friend
    Dan O’

    1. Dan O’, which one? I never write things I don’t fully believe, unless its purposely humorous or satirical. All my posts are thought through carefully. And I don’t know anyone who accepts my opinion no matter what! Wish I could be so lucky . . .

  3. Keith,
    I just wrote a comment of about four or five lines long and when is hit sent I got a message that indicated that I should rewrite the comment. Is that built in censorship????

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