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Michelle Obama to Obama’s Politicos: “Let’s Move”

Mtich Stewart of Organizing for America, Obama’s 13-million-at-least strong group of political shock troops, just sent out this message to OFA members.

This Wednesday, at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time, First Lady Michelle Obama is going to join OFA supporters for a Vote 2010 update — and I wanted to make sure you got the invitation to listen in.

She’ll talk about the work we’ve all been doing together and the importance of volunteering in the final four weeks before the November elections.

Mrs. Obama recently talked up the health reform law to nurses. Now she’s ginning up Obama’s political soldiers. She’s well beyond the ceremonial role of first lady. The remarks will be available to OFA members online.

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama to Obama’s Politicos: “Let’s Move””

  1. Well, then it’s settled. Mrs O will tell them how important it is for them to get moving off of their fat. lazy behinds and convince each other that they should vote. Otherwise, the organizers, unaware of the upcoming election, would have missed the opportunity to vote early and often.

    It almost makes me ashamed to have been part of the Democrat party for 45 years. What the h*ll happened to them that the only voice left is the President and his wife.?

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