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What Rahm Hath Wrought

Whether you like the first 18 months of the Obama presidency or not, you have one person to thank more than any other for its achievements, and it’s not the president, and it’s not Nancy Pelosi.

Rahm Emanuel, who will announce his resignation today as White House chief of staff, is quite simply the most formidable political figure of the last half of the first decade of the 21st century. Through sheer force of will, he has sculpted the landscape and made law to a degree unmatched by any other politician.

Yes, Obama is president and Nancy is Speaker. But without Rahm, Nancy wouldn’t be Speaker, and Obama wouldn’t be achieving much as president.

It was Rahm, remember, who as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee brought the Democrats control of the House in 2006. This of course effectively ended the Bush presidency while laying the basis for the passage of Obama’s agenda.

He did it through careful and intelligent cultivation of candidates and relentless fundraising.

Rahm gets up early every morning and starts Rahming around, Rahming people, and keeps Rahming away until late at night.

He struts the halls of the White House bristling with energy – you can kind of feel it as he passes. He strides into meetings and peppers aids with questions that show he’s aware of things they didn’t suspect.

For goodness sake, the Muslims even named their holy month for him.

The White House legislative affairs director is someone named Phil Schiliro, who by all accounts that I’ve heard is extremely able. But everyone on Capitol Hill knows Rahm is the legislative affairs chief. He was in charge of the strategy, did the most important cajoling – or you might say, bullying – and steered through Congress the stimulus, health reform, financial reform, and other lesser known Obama initiatives.

All while knocking heads together in the White House to make the place work.

And he’ll probably win his mayoral race. Because Rahm doesn’t take no for an answer, even from the people of Chicago.

And then, make no mistake, he will run for president.

4 thoughts on “What Rahm Hath Wrought”

  1. He will run for President. God protect our nation.

    “For goodness sake, the Muslims even named their holy month for him.”

    Keith, your characters sketches convey so much. Someday they will be gathered together and published as a portrait of this administration. Please write about ValJar. I am curious as to what this squat little ball of wax from Chicago actually does and how she does it.

  2. What first SCARED THE SCHEISSE out of me about the Obama Administration was when I first heard ValJar talk about Van Jones. She was at some left-wing summit on a left-wing campus (name one) and stated (and its on video if any of you lib’s want the evidence) and I quote: “We’ve been watching Van Jones now for some time, for several years and the incredible work he is doing” and then launched into a lauditory canonization of him.

    For some time now? Incredible work?

    Jones was the founder of STORM, a Marxist-Revolutionary militant group in California:

    Jones says that he became a “Communist” in 1992 after “the Rodney King verdict”:

    He is a 911-truther, pro-PLO terrorist sympathizer (which makes him anti-Semitic in my book) and an avowed Communist; he’s been arrested by police for disorderly conduct (and various other charges) and is suddenly “found” by the Obama White House, feted by ValJar and is considered one of the “movers and shakers in the party.”

    Workers of the World …. we apologize.

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