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New POLITICO Piece: It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid

Here’s the latest piece I wrote for POLITICO, appearing this morning. I discuss how Obama and the Democrats are engaging in a novel political experiment: governing against the will of the people. Almost all of their policies are unpopular, but the have kept chugging along. The White House thinks Obama’s will be popular again if the economy improves, but you can’t arrogantly defy voters and regain their love.

3 thoughts on “New POLITICO Piece: It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid”

  1. Good piece, Keith.
    The WH thought the election of SBrown was due to MCoakley’s poor campaigning, the TeaParty was “astroturf” politics led by the “other side”, and the opposition to the WH’s political policies could be silenced with name-calling and ridicule. Like the victims of a tsunami, they didn’t understand why the ocean was retreating.

    The “change” that O promised and the “change” the voters envisioned were two different concepts. The voters thought ‘health care reform’ was going to be a Federal oversight of the insurance industry, the ‘change’ was going to clean up the way Washington politics were conducted and the “hope” was for a return to the dream of a better future for our children.

    1. Thanks srdem. Agreed. Washington sure looks the same to me. And they don’t understand the depth of the opposition to them.

  2. I think people also hated Bush (I did) and thought this man was smarter, although we didn’t think through what book smarts in a street smart world might mean. I didn’t vote for him, though–for some reason, he gave me the creeps and I could NOT find out who was behind him, how he got the 2004 speech in the first place, his grades, school, etc–and then MSNBC, which I watched then, started up with the tingling and berating of the opposition and it was too much for me…

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