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Obama to Rake in $1.75 Million for the DNC

Two fundraisers tonight for the Democratic Party. As usual, there’s one fundraiser for fat cats, one for the poor people. Well, poorer people. Some paid a grand to get into the pauper’s event. Tickets started at $44. Isn’t that special?

Here’s the pool report.

Motorcade left the White House in the rain at 7:30, for a four-minute drive to a DNC dinner at the DuPont Circle home of his former aide Linda Douglass, now an executive with Atlantic Media, and husband John Phillips. It’s the first of two events this evening expected to raise $1.75 million for the DNC.

We don’t think FLOTUS is with him. It was a dark and stormy night…

The dinner is $30,400 per person, and the event is expected to raise $1 million, per a DNC official.

The second event (Obama remarks scheduled for 9:15 pm) is the kickoff concert for the “National Gen44 Summit,” at DAR Constitution Hall. Hip-hop artist B.o.B is the featured act. (Hit singles “Airplanes” and “Nothin’ On You.”) Tickets went for $44 to $1,000. The 3,000 tickets sold out days ago. The DNC expected to raise $750,000.

The program will include remarks by 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe, Organizing for America deputy director Jeremy Bird, and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, “about the importance of young voters in this election,” per the official. Obama will speak after them, and after B.o.B performs.

Gen44 is a group the DNC created, targeting the 40-and-under crowd, to “cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders for the Democratic Party,” per

Obama is expected to spend an hour at the first event.

It’s a lovely place, up three flights. Tables of 10. Seem to be finishing prime rib as the president arrives to an ovation.

Todd J. Gillman
Washington Bureau Chief
The Dallas Morning News

3 thoughts on “Obama to Rake in $1.75 Million for the DNC”

  1. Would love to see an expose on Republican fundraising, inclduding all the groups that don’t have to report donors. Also an accounting of how many “poorer” people give. Maybe pounding away at both parties coujld lead to a saner system altogether, where ideas, not money, “buy” elections.

  2. That seems to be a lot of head-liners for the under 40 hip-hop lovers. Just wondering what you get for a $44 ticket these days. Hot dog & a wave?
    It costs more than $44 to go to a football game.

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