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Obama: ‘Oh, But You Started It!’

Sometimes, a parent will tell their children to stop fighting. And then one child says, “But he started it!” And the parent says, it doesn’t matter who started it, just stop fighting. And then the other child says, “No, she started it!” And then we’re right back where we were.

This even happens if one of those children’s first words were “Hope” and “Change.”

Yesterday during his second “backyard conversation” of the day, Obama was asked if he might try to make Washington more civil. He responded BY ATTACKING REPUBLICANS. Take a look.

Q     Is there hope for us returning to civility in our discourse to healthy legislative process to something that I can trust, so as I strap on the boots again tomorrow morning I know you guys got it under control?  Because I’m not smart enough to fix it.  I’d love to send you guys to Washington and have you do it.  And it’s hard to have that faith right now.

THE PRESIDENT: I will tell you that changing the culture in Washington is very hard, and I’ve seen it these last two years, because I think that folks in Washington tend to think about how to stay in power more than they think about how to solve problems.

Now, if you look at what happened over the course of these last two years — and look, I’m sure I made some mistakes — but essentially what happened was the other side made a calculated decision.  They said, “You know what, we really got beat in 2008 bad.  The economy is a mess.  It’s probably going to take us a while to dig our way out of it.  We’ve got two choices.  One choice would be to cooperate with the President and work with him to kind of solve these problems, in which case if things don’t work, we get to share the blame, and if things do work, he gets all the credit, and he’ll stay in power.”

So just from a pure political calculation, they said, “We’re better off just saying no to everything, blocking everything.  If things don’t work, then Obama will get all the blame.  And if things get a little bit better, we won’t be any worse off than we would have been.”  That I think was the political calculation.

It’s amazing that Obama was able to get this kind of intel on the Republican political strategy, which I haven’t seen reported anywhere. You’d almost thing he was speculating and offering it up as fact . . .

10 Responses to Obama: ‘Oh, But You Started It!’

  1. If there was one thing, one issue that could define the downfall of the Democrat machine in 2010, it would be the charge of “racist” for any who opposed the Obama agenda. The name calling and ridicule that came from the MSM, the WH operatives, the supporters of Obama, and the Prez, himself, are still the only retort to the “other side”s opinions or actions.

    You think illegal aliens should be deported? racist. You don’t want Obamacare? racist. You don’t want a Muslim mosque built? islamophobe.
    Don’t belive that gays should be married? homophobe.
    Ignorant, stupid, redneck, country club elite, anti-business, anti-education, anti-working people, thugs, violence prone, greedy, selfish, etc are some of the charges thrown against the majority of Americans by Obama agenda supporters. The “other side” is pushing back with a ferocity that will make the next 2 years a watershed of the new politic.

    As a life-long Dem, raised in a “union” family, I find myself unjustly attacked because I don’t want the Chinese to own our future, or our government to decide our healthcare and what our children should eat, or our taxdollars bailing out private corporations that have bankrupted themselves.
    I’m afraid of a President who sends Americans off to war after deciding if it would play well with his political party, who wants to muffle any part of the Press if they oppose his agenda, and who alienates our allies in these troubled times.

  2. His strategy is juvenile at best, and militarily speaking, its based on the defensive rather than the offensive. Wars are not won on the defensive. Obama beleives that he should win, just because he’s Obama and the Republicans are mean. Were sorry son, it don’t work that way. In America, you must work very, very hard to get what you want in life . . . just because your African-American (or claim 50% of it), a Harvard grad, and Lord it over all of us does not give you the right to claim victory on legislative issues. Your presidency is bankrupt because you have (a.) not sold us on your programs and (b.) we dont trust you. So (c.) work harder next time or (d.) leave the office to someone who will spend more time compromising with the mean old Rep’s instead of playing golf.

  3. Can someone do a search on when was the last time BHO actually gave an answer that addresses a question he was asked. I know that is politically expediant to shift topics but please, just once answer the question!

  4. What kind of child have we elected? So, he’s saying that the Republicans decided to create misery for their constituents in order to prevent The One from getting any credit for improvements? Doesn’t The One realize that that plan would cause a backlash against Republicans — if in fact it were true?

    I do agree that most people in Washington think mostly of their next election. Obama, however, spent about five minutes being Senator and much of that time at home in Chicago. I suppose he dreamt that he could sally into the culture of Washington and with his power as Prez, his Preternatural Personal Charisma, and his Unicorn Power shift everything to where he feels it should be.

    Dream on, Prince Charmless.

    • I guess Republicans could have abandoned their ideas. That would have created unity. Actually this is exactly what Obama frequently suggests they do – admit they were wrong.

  5. Why can’t we all get along? It’s those dastardly Republicans that’s why.

    BHO can’t hear the irony in his own remarks. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him be ironic about anything.

    He’s such a far-left partisan idealogue and has been his whole life that he can’t drop that guise off telepromptor. His remarks about Fox News are beyond the pale and so far only John King on CNN called him on it. I think the rest of the MSM just ignore it.

    • Janice – John King has guts and is devoted to The News. I used to work around the corner from him at the White House. When Billy Graham’s son Franklin said negative things about Islam, King didn’t just dismiss it, but asked a guest if there were indeed passages in the Koran that could be cited to support what he says.

  6. When he isn’t saying something so simplistic a 7-yr-old would be embarrased–“I have only been here two yrs, guys, I need something to do the next two”…he is going off sideways on some weird ramble. Yeah, the Repubicans would wreck the country rather than see him get anywhere–not try to make up for the wreckage they freely admit they caused or care about anyone, just wreck it.

  7. I heard he is endorsing the Jon Stewart smoke-in or whatever that thing is in late October–saying something like it will be a break from people who make things up (Fox, duh, we get it)…and maybe a return to sanity! This just gets sadder and sadder, all this. By the way–who gets paid to make things up–STEWART!