As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || September 29, 2010

11:05 am || Meets with a Des Moines, Iowa family
11:15 am || Holds a discussion on the economy
12:45 pm || Departs Des Moines
2:45 pm || Arrives Richmond, Va.
3:20 pm || Meets with a Richmond family
3:35 pm || Holds a discussion on the economy
5:05 pm || Departs Richmond
5:55 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

4 Responses to Obama Schedule || September 29, 2010

  1. The visuals of BHO at the university were very bad. The photographers took many photos of his pointing his finger in the air like the dictator he is. News photographers are editors, too. I think they are taking more unflattering photos of the Won because they probably don’t like him anymore . No more halos. The Getty photographer took that close of him that showed he was actually wear eyeliner for the tv.

    These back yard photo ops are beyond lame. He starts off by saying it’s good to be out of DC.,,,the bubble.When is he ever in the WH? This is how his poltical advisors think he’ll up his ratings or do they just pick events where he will get the adulation that he craves? This nutcase has his finger on the nuclear button.

  2. Ah, lucky us in Richmond (aka the Holy City on the River), his majesty performs more feats of babble and bs before a carefully screened bunch of sycophants here this afternoon.

    As one local (female) TV anchor gushed on air last night, the entire city is “abuzz with excitement” over his visit. I can hardly wait! (Said anchor person similarly gushed from election day to inauguration day how much better the country and world would be when her Messiah was enthroned and hasn’t stopped her paeans of praise since).