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Obama Morning News || September 28, 2010

Obama to Step Up Campaigning . . . New York Times
Emanuel Nearing Decision But Not Sure on Run . . . Reuters
Guessing Game on Rahm Replacements . . . POLITICO
Obama Interview: Fox News “Destructive” . . . Rolling Stone
Biden Urged Against Afghan Escalation . . . Washington Post
Obama Dropping Into People’s Backyards . . . Washington Post
Dems Balk at Michelle Kids’ Lunch Bill . . . POLITICO
Biden to Dems: Stop Whining . . . POLITICO
Jewish Group Falls From Obama’s Favor . . . Washington Times

2 Responses to Obama Morning News || September 28, 2010

  1. Aw, Mrs O’s FatKidsBehind bill isn’t going to be passed. Doesn’t seem fair after she hula-hooped, jumped in the desert with HReid, dirtied her hands twice in the WH garden and spent 16 months telling us that we don’t know how to feed our kids. The hair-net ladies aren’t happy about this either; they had planned on making “cafeteria lady” a full time, union backed job.

    Now, according to O, in an interview with the “Rolling Stone” FOXnews is “destructive” and keeping middle-class people from enjoying the American Dream somehow. SOS from the Prez; FOXnews, Wall Street, Main Street, Bankers, Oil Interests, bitter clingers, Bush, Palin, ol Newt, angry White people, Repubs, and traitors of his own party are to blame for his Administration’s failure to engage the voters.

    You wouldn’t think that VPBiden was a good go-to guy for advice on military deployment. If I’m reading Woodward correctly, the military machine is calling the shots overseas and only went to O as a pro forma exercise. While the WH is spinning their delight with Woodward’s expose, the general consensus is that O was on the spot to make a decision and only wanted to vote “present”.

  2. Fox News is now “destructive”?

    Is it because you get asked real questions Mr. President? Is it because there is a news organization that holds your feet to the fire? Is it because you do not want competition in the media?

    Well thats too bad.

    What a flake.