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Michelle to Nurses: Sell Obamacare

Oh no. Now not only I gotta be sick, but I gotta listen to my nurse drone on about Obamacare.

Here’s what Michelle Obama said in a “conference call” with “nurses from across the country.” It’s part of her launch as a pitchwoman for her husband’s policies, effectively another White House operative.

While it was supposed to be a “conference,” it doesn’t appear Michelle took any questions. Much of her remarks were devoted to touting Obamacare. And then this.

So those are just some of the examples of what’s in the law.  But in order for this law to make a real difference in people’s lives, we have to make sure that people know about these reforms and that they take advantage of them.  And that’s why we need your help in spreading the word.

So we’re asking you all get involved in this outreach effort.  Talk to your patients about how these reforms can help them.  Also, talk to your colleagues about the best ways to inform patients about what this new law means for them and for their families.

So now I guess I’ll be lying there and, while the doctor is navigating a probe up my butt, if the sedation is not too heavy, the nurse can tell me all about how the health insurance exchanges are going to work.

Great. Honestly, I don’t want to show up in a doctor’s office and have to hear about all this stuff. I just want my nurse to weigh me, see if somehow my height has changed from last time, ask me what I’m here for, and then get the Hell out. You know, depending on how she looks.

7 Responses to Michelle to Nurses: Sell Obamacare

  1. She was speaking to a 1000 nurses from a script or for all we know it could have been Memorex. Since Obamacare is compulsory, why do people have to be informed to take advantage?

    On another note, apparently Obama is a devoted Caatholic and not a muslim afterall. As the article stated, “who knew?”

    Now we know the real reason for Michelle’s visit to Spain: it was a religious pilgrimage.

  2. I bet she didn’t mention the regulations that govern the sale of gold bullion or the requirements for 1099’s from business’ small and large that are in the HealthReform fiasco. Nah. Or, that people will be collecting on Grandpa’s life insurance sooner than expected. No way.

    This Administration is so far out of touch with real life they think that nurses actually talk to their patients about social or political issues. Nurses say things like “have we moved our bowels yet” or “this might make you “uncomfortable”.

  3. Naughty, Keith, assessing the nurses. I bet a really attractive one could hold you spellbound on Obamacare!

    I wonder why the White House thinks MO is such a compelling person — desperation, perhaps?

  4. All I want is to show up and have the doctor NOT weigh me if I don’t want to be–and I sure don’t want some office nurse or even the doctor to say Eff-ALL about this stupid plan or how I am now required to have BMI on file or have my waist measured or any of that garbage!. Not that I can even find a sawbones who will take Medicare–even with a supp. Over at the NYT, Well blog, we are talking about fat people–AGAIN, a perennial (diets don’t work)–and someone said you fatties will be the first to go…If you don’t lose weight, you won’t get treatment. Hmmm. Let the nurse tell me that…