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Obama Questioned by Beavis and Butthead

OMG, I hope the White House is not counting this as a press conference.

President Obama today took questions during a conference call with “college and university student-journalists.”

Our democracy is not safe. The future of journalism is worse than I thought. It’s not just that the “student-journalists” have no idea how to ask a tough question. IT’S THAT THEY CAN HARDLY SPEAK.

MR. DAILEDA:  Hi, Mr. President.  How are you today?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m good, Colin.  Where are you calling from?

MR. DAILEDA:  I’m calling from southwest Virginia, Radford University.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, tell everybody I said hi there.

MR. DAILEDA:  I’ll do that.  Okay, so I’ve heard some of my professors call our generation the “lost generation” because we’re going to get out of school with a ton of debt due to student loans and not be able to pay them off really because, well, we don’t — not going to get a steady job — it’s not that likely to begin with — and the economy is in the shape it is currently in.  So I guess my question is, do you think there’s some truth to that?  And do you think it will take a longer time than usual for our generation to get on our feet?

And I guess — I mean, you talked about in your health care plan and how we’re able to stay on our parents’ plans now until we’re 26 and that’s going to help us deal with kind of money issues and insurance.  But what else are you — is your administration doing to kind of I guess help us stand up when we get out of college?

I guess, I mean, kind of like, you know what I’m saying?


Would somebody please help me stand up? I just passed out and came to.

MS. ZETTELL:  Hi, Mr. President.  Thank you for taking the time to do this today.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, it’s great to talk to you.  Which college are you calling from?

MS. ZETTELL:  I’m calling from the University of Wisconsin, where you will be tomorrow.

THE PRESIDENT:  I am looking forward to getting to Madison.  (Laughter.)

MS. ZETTELL:  Well, we’re very excited to have you here.  I guess my question is, why are you so interested in Wisconsin?  I mean, you’ve been here quite a few times, especially over the summer.  I mean, why come to — why host a rally here tomorrow?


To score some cheese, baby, why else?

Maybe she’s trying to imply that he’s going there because he needs the state to get reelected. I’ll forgive her for implying her actual question, since many supposed journalists in Washington do the same thing. That’s because it takes more guts to ask the question straight up. Here’s how it should have gone down.

MS. ZETTELL: Isn’t it true that you keep coming to Wisconsin because you need to maintain your popularity here so you can win the state in 2012

THE PRESIDENT: Not at all, Ms. Zettell. I keep coming because of the great contribution the people of Wisconsin are making to America and world freedom.

MS. ZETTELL: Then why do you never go to red states you can’t win like Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska? Aren’t they contributing too?

THE PRESIDENT: How the Hell do I know?

See what I mean? Here’s another question Obama got today.

MR. SCHONHAUT:  Hi, Mr. President.  I hope things are going well for you.

THE PRESIDENT:  They’re going great.  And, now,  congratulations to you guys.  Beating Texas, that was big.

MR. SCHONHAUT:  Thank you very much.  I don’t think many of us expected it.

THE PRESIDENT:  I can’t imagine you did.  (Laughter.)

MR. SCHONHAUT:  Well, my question is that I think there’s a lot of concern, especially in public universities, that education is becoming increasingly less affordable.  I know like at UCLA last year they raised tuition by 32 percent to help make up for slashed funding from the state, which accounts for like $200 million at just our university this year.  And student aid has increased some in this time, especially for lower-income groups, but I think especially in the middle class a lot of families are just not being able to compensate.  So my question is how would you address this concern that public higher education is becoming more of a strain on families?

That is, please recite your higher education program. Did Mr. Schonhaut really think Mr. Obama didn’t have a higher education program? Could he have gotten his lazy ass on the Internet and done some research – since he is asking the president a question – and then maybe queried Obama about some possible flaw in the plan?

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4 Responses to Obama Questioned by Beavis and Butthead

  1. You had me laughing at the title, thanks Keith for a fun way to end the day.

    I have to disagree with your assessment of the budding journalists; a little more polish and they’ll be just as good as the folks who ask questions of the President and Mr Gibbs.
    The resumes of these gifted student journalists will be put to the top of the pile when they list participating in a psuedo-presser of the President.

    Makes you wonder just how they were chosen to participate and by whom.