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Obama: There are Good Republicans Too

Fresh from weeks of bludgeoning Republicans with a rhetorical sledge hammer,  President Obama today declared that there are indeed good Republicans too.

With an eye probably on the fact that the number of people who identify themselves as Republican or plan to vote GOP this year on the rise, the president said on the NBC Today Show this morning that his problem is with “Republican leaders,” not with average Republicans and independents.

“There are a lot of people out there who consider themselves Republicans or independents,” he noted, suggesting that there were good people among these who wanted to have a rational discussion about the issues, unlike the crazies he has to deal with in Washington.

This reminds me of when people used to say they had no problem with average Russians, just with the Communist government. That was fine, except that average Russians didn’t vote for their leadership.


Not that I remember. But Obama is beginning to realize that his incessant GOP bashing may be turning off average voters, some 50 percent of whom plan to vote like morons, apparently, and support Republicans this November.

Here’s the whole interview with Matt Lauer this morning in case you want to see it.

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8 thoughts on “Obama: There are Good Republicans Too”

  1. Someone he trusts must have noticed that folks who are registered Republican voters are taking his insults personally and advised him to make a fine distinction between the “leaders” and voters. There are some who would suspect that O sees the future and is hoping to mollify some Repubs who are gearing up some nasty inquiries into his Administration’s actions and policies. Even the, gasp, “I” word has been mentioned.

  2. The guy hasn’t had an original thought his whole life. Here he is talkin’ about education dropping his Gs and slurring some words. What is he saying that every liberal hasn’t said about education for a generation?

    I’m skepitical about his Harvard record which we aren’t allowed to see. If he wrote any great papers chances are they were plagiarized. He has the morals of a toad who didn’t hesitate to have Bill Ayers assist/ghostwrite his bio.

    1. Janice – my seven year old boy exclaimed “who doesn’t know that?” at one point during the interview. I asked him what it was, and he said Obama had just said something about children are supposed to be doing homework . . .

  3. Obama always puts out contradictory opinions. It worked very well for him in the campaign. Those who want to like him will seize upon the opinion that justifies their support for him. Those who dislike him will be confused by the contradictions. I swear that I think this tactic got him elected. So why would he stop now? The trick is to no believe any of it. Even then, however, one is reduced to sitting back and waiting for him to act – and then it is far too late.

  4. I’ve read several comments today about the POTUS and FLOTUS dropping g’s on words. Drives me crazy. Also his use of the word “fer” pronounced “fur” instead of “for” pronounced “four”. I won’t even start with his dialect change (must have gotten it from Hillary) based upon his audience. Gotta go, time for some fishin.

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