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Michelle Obama, White House Operative

OK, this ain’t getting fat kids into shape stuff.

It has been widely reported that Michelle Obama is going to be playing a much more active role on the campaign trail. But the White House is making clear that she will also work on behalf of the president’s policies.

Not since – or before – Hillary did Hillarycare and screwed it up have we seen much of this.

Tomorrow, Tuesday September 28, First Lady Michelle Obama will host a conference call with nurses from across the country to discuss the benefits of the Affordable Care Act for nurses and their patients. The First Lady will be joined on the call with one of the highest ranking nurses in the Obama Administration, Health Resources and Services Administration Director Mary Wakefield, PhD, RN.

Reporters, as far as I can tell, may listen in but not ask questions. But she will eventually be getting questions as she starts to assume a policy and political role. I hope she’s ready. And I hope reporters are “impolite” enough to ask her views on candidates and issues she’s getting behind.

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  1. Isn’t it funny that MO’s activities center around photo ops with kids and situations in which she gets to dress up and lecture people? Even when she puts on her faux-JackieO voice, it still comes across as someone with a superficial knowledge of the subject addressing specialists. Makes me wonder if her $300,000/yr job in Chicago wasn’t along the same lines of empty gesturing.

  2. where to start………….
    The mom-in-chief is going to work, off comes the apron, the garden tools are in the shed and she’s jumping into the political arena. The First Lady is no longer protected by “courtesy” and is now open for critical questioning, and criticism.
    WTH does she know about nursing, medical care or how the Obamacare will make nurses lives better/easier?

    WTH kind of man sends his wife out in public to defend his policies and agenda?

  3. As for the fat kids in shape deal–let’s stimulate the software jobs scene by giving every kid a copy of PhotoShop and call it a day. Sending home the BMIs on report cards, the school weigh-ins, the decrepit salad bars full of germs, bleh. As for education, how come Bill O’Reilly in East Coast parochial school and my family in a midwest St Louis country public school got plenty smart enough to leave home, go to college if we wanted, and live. Now, of course,we are too dumb to make it–but I think we’re getting help with this part. I am a science writer–based on what? Eighth grade biology! I am not a scientist–but they don’t seem to mind my talking to them! That was from school. Why hasn’t school been perfected by now? Or should I say, why has it been allowed to self-destruct? Bad tax bases? Coddled teachers? Pensions? Badly educated teachers. Central dictates? Kids who don’t eat enough veggies? Kids who are fat? What?

  4. Star, I mean the specific faux-Jackie voice that MO used when telling restauranteers to use less cream and butter in their food. It’s something worth looking at, MO acting sort of mild and giving side glances and pausing before making her faux-points.

  5. I do know that murmury Jackie voice… But she also drops G’s sometimes–the butlers “sweatin” to get some party ready…I remember that one…Low rent.

  6. Oh my … I laughed my rear end off when I read the comment “Low rent.” That *so* aptly describes FLOTUS. Sheesh, we could turn that into a mini series on HBO:

    “Low Rent: The Story of Barack and Michelle Obama – the Chicago Years”

    “A Quinn-Martin Production…”

  7. This comment sums this up quite well from srdem65:

    “WTH kind of man sends his wife out in public to defend his policies and agenda?”

    Obama lacks the very decorum of a gentleman.

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