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Basketball with the Girls Today

And some of their friends. From the pool report.

I gather the guard and the Interior Department didn’t recognize A PRESIDENTIAL MOTORCADE  when he sees it . . .

Actually looks like maybe something inside didn’t seem kosher.

At 10:05 a.m. in a light drizzle, the motorcade rolled for the 2 minute trip to the Interior Department basketball court.  Just before the 14 vehicle package left the White House grounds, a mother and young daughter walked up the driveway toward the presidential SUV.  The young woman appeared to be a contemporary of Sasha Obama.

That was our clue that the basketball outing would include at least one of the President’s daughters.  Moments before the motorcade departed, four young women entered one of the SUVs.  From your pooler’s vantage point, it could not be determined whether one or both of Mr. Obama’s daughters was on the outing.  Pool minder Katie Hogan said she could only confirm that this was a basketball outing involving at least one of the presidential daughters.  Ms. Hogan said she did not know whether the outing involved just one or both of the daughters and if only one, which one.

When the motorcade arrived at the Interior Department, there was a brief, unexplained delay, before the barrier to the underground garage was raised and the presidential SUV and several other Secret Service Vehicles entered.

The pool is now holding in vans outside the Interior Department.

Dave Cook
The Christian Science Monitor

5 thoughts on “Basketball with the Girls Today”

  1. Didn’t BHO take out the bowling alley and replace it at great expense with a Bball court? The above is just an election year photo-op or he’s is tone deaf about using gov’t resources.

    1. They’re not particularly using their kids on this one since they’re not in public view, but you’re right, they’ve had these kids out in the spotlight way too much.

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