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Obama’s Weekly Assault on the GOP

This week’s weekly address by President Obama amounts to – I know this will surprise you – “Me and Democrats good, Republicans really bad.”

Is it really appropriate to, week after week, use the weekly address to the American people for purely partisan purposes?

I assume the legal sharks in the White House Counsel’s Office have approved all of this. Presidents do bash the other Party from the White House.

But as is so often the case these days, the Man of Hope and Change is politicizing his government duties to an extent I can’t really remember other holders of the office doing.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Weekly Assault on the GOP”

  1. Blaming the ‘other side’ doesn’t work, hasn’t worked, because the voters know that the ‘good side’ has the majority of the votes. He’s blowing smoke on a dead fire; his ‘base’ is hurting, too, and they blame him, not Bush. By implying that everything would be peachy if the Repubs did what he wanted, he’s admitting that the Dems are impotent or just incompetent.
    Allowing Woodward to know that his musings and decision on the war were made in consideration of his political life was disturbing.
    Mr Woodward, with his unimpeachable sources, has pulled back a gauzy curtain that the WH uses to hide behind.
    With only tidbits released about the book’s content, it seems that the military machine wanted us to know that the Commander in Chief is a Chicago-way politician.

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