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Axelrod: Plouffe Headed to White House

Obama presidential campaign manager David Plouffe will be headed to the White House sometime in the next six months or so, according to senior adviser David Axelrod.

Axelrod indicated to the Chicago Sun-Times that Plouffe would essentially be replacing him in a senior adviser role sometime before Axelrod himself departs next spring.

Since Obama became president, Plouffe has been running Organizing for America, the grass roots arm of the Obama presidential campaign that continues to work on behalf of the president and Democratic candidates.

Axelrod himself will return to Chicago to work on the Obama reelection effort.

In and email to OFA members today, Plouffe called on them to pick up this bumper sticker, which you will soon be seeing plastered ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Man, so much for saving the environment.

If you want yours, head over to


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