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Peter Orszag’s $77 Soup Bowl

The Washington Post appears to have hacked into the gift registry for Saturday’s wedding between formerObama  OMB Director Peter Orszag and ABC News Hottie – and serious journalist, I’m certain – Bianna Golodryga, and found that SOME ITEMS HAVE NOT YET BEEN PURCHASED by the rude guests.

Their wish list won’t be complete without eight cereal bowls ($74 each), eight soup bowls ($77 each), eight charger plates ($135 each), two Sonicare FlexCare UV toothbrushes ($215 each) and an Oxo “Good Grips” salad spinner ($29.99). Oh wait — they want two salad spinners. Living large!

Is it any wonder why Orszag NEVER PUT THE U.S. ON AN AUSTERITY PLAN and we are continuing under Obama to rack up trillions in debt?  Can someone who eats Cap’n Crunch out of a $74 bowl really know much about austerity?

Awww, and two salad spinners. I can just picture them standing side by side, sipping some chenin blanc, and spinning their individual salads together. The 21st century notion of romance.

I do support the $200 toothbrush though, but only for Bianna. Because she looks like this:

13 Responses to Peter Orszag’s $77 Soup Bowl

  1. If this isn’t a joke on your part, then it’s a joke on the wedding well-wishers.
    Really, they want a guest to buy them toothbrushes? No wonder he was escorted out of the WH, bad breath and yellow teeth is a job-ender.

    He must have “hidden assets” that impressed the bride-to-be enough to overlook his poor oral hygine.

  2. Always love a good Baby Daddy post! Thanks. Those wedding registry things are so lame–I always see some really drippy little low-end choices, like a board game, for us po folk to send. At least in my family. Seriously? You want Jenga? Well, Okkkkk.

  3. Cringelicious! Asking people to buy you a new toothbrush? How embarrassing? How about some upscale toilet tissue? Gift registry seems to be an open-your-arms-and-seize-all-you-can-hold endeavor.

  4. When I have money (I can remember back that far), I give a breadbox–everyone needs a breadbox…I use one…the only place you can get them anymore is Vermont Country Store. I am a huge breadbox fan.

  5. True, these hottie and nottie marriages have been known to break up.

    Ooo–almost forgot–apparently Axel and the other rods (Val, Rahm, etc) sent regrets for the nuptials. Not crazy about Baby Daddy’s taxation comments.