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Michelle, Uh, Was This Appropriate?

Several of my readers have pointed out that Michelle Obama might not have been dressed quite appropriately for Tuesday’s posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony for U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Richard L. Etchberger, who was killed in Laos during the Vietnam War.

They appear to have seen her dress and foot apparel at the blog Michelle Obama’s Mirror, which seems to have “broken” the story.

Uh, look, I’m nobody’s fashion consultant. But the event was essentially a memorial service. One of the Sergeant’s surviving sons was inconsolable at one point during the ceremony.

The president wore a black suit. You can just hear him and Michelle over in the White House residence:

“OK, do the splashy green dress, but do you have to wear the pink shoes?”

“Oh, I AM wearing the pink slippers.”

“Darling, its like a funeral, maybe some other shoes would be – ”

“Get your brain around this. I’m wearing the pink slippers. I bought them for this outfit.”

“OK, well let’s go back to the green outfit . . . ”

“Let’s go back to I smack your face.”

“OK, forget it.”

10 Responses to Michelle, Uh, Was This Appropriate?

  1. The last Medal of Honor ceremony found MO in brightly flowered cocktail sheathe and green kitten heels.

    Maybe this is what women wear to funerals in Chicago? Kind of like the bands in New Orleans that play sprightly music on the way back from the cemetery?

    Aside from the faux pas of such a dress at such an event, why can’t this wealthy woman get clothing that fits correctly? This dress looks very homemade.

  2. Mrs O has consistantly worn ill-fitting, inappropriate, too tight, too short, too revealing clothes to her public appearances. The “fashion icon” title draped on her by the MSM was a whole lot of wishful thinking but has made Mrs O believe that she is leading fashion for all of us. Or, she just doesn’t give a dang about protocol and good manners.

    I don’t want to see the FL’s cleavage, thighs, armpits or the outline of her behind. I want my FL to dress appropriately, conservatively and modestly in public. She can wear anything she wants in private.

  3. Good one, Sarah. I am a huge critic of her “look.” The bare arms at a somber event–maybe you see that on that show COVERT AFFAIRS or DC HOUSE SHREWS, but not much in the real Washington. A suit–buy one. Heck, buy two or get two sent over.

  4. Dont think for a moment that Mrs. Obama did NOT know what she was doing; she’s a calculating, determined, demanding politician like her husband, she knew EXACTELY what she was doing. I beleive Mrs. Obama wore that disaster to make a “splash” so that (a.) she is talked about in the press (bad press is good press) and (b.) to give the middle finger to the military. Like Hillary “Colonel, grab my bags, please” Clinton, Mrs. Obama has an entrenched hatred of the United States military which was on display during this most solemn occassion.

  5. Hi Keith:
    Thanks for the link and “breaking” story credit. I’ve been reflecting in the public service for quite a while, through several administrations. But I’m pretty new to this “new media”, reporter stuff.

    Do you think this might snag a Pulitzer nominated for me?


    • Mirror, let me reflect . . . oh, sorry, that’s your thing. Let me think. There hasn’t been an award given to an item of furniture since 1949 – and that was by accident – when a Pulitzer intended the great reporter Woodie Bockshauf was mistakenly given to a wooden bookshelf. But I think you have a chance.