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Chris Christie vs. Obama? Dream Matchup

People are starting to mention that New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie needs to run for president pretty soon. The main reason is that he seems to be succeeding at rolling conservative policies through a Democratic legislature and state.

The other reason is that he can’t be rolled himself. What a startling contrast this guy would make on the campaign trail with the well mannered Law professor now running the country. Take a look at how President Obama and Christie handle hecklers. Check out the Obama clip first, where he is heckled on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell this past spring at a Barabara Boxer fundrasier.

Then look how Christie handles a an interruption ON BEHALF OF SOMEONE ELSE who is being heckled, California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

Pretty refreshing, isn’t it?

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9 Responses to Chris Christie vs. Obama? Dream Matchup

  1. A fat joke? really.

    A man who walks the walk, passionate about his convictions, who’s not afraid of the next election cycle or the pundits….what’s not to love.
    Gee, those attributes might even describe Mrs Palin, too.

    O is the boring professor whose class everyone cuts.

  2. Chris Christie. Finally a MAN who says WHAT HE MEANS and MEANS WHAT HE SAYS. You dont screw with this gentleman. Unfortunately, he said he wont run ( he gave some very compelling reasons why ) so were probably stuck with the current crop of limp-wristed, cocktail-country-club pansies from the Republican Party:

    – Tim Pawlenty: Major wuss. For heaven’s sakes I can barely hear the man talk. RINO. Was not born with cajones at birth.

    – Mitt Romney: Liberal RINO. Another wuss. No cajones.

    – Newt Gingrich: Liberal. Wuss factor is about about even with Pawlenty because of that stupid smirk on his face. I trust NO man who leaves his wife when’s she’s sick (there is something about heterosexuals who do this that set me off; where’s your HONOR Newt?) No cajones.

    – Mike Huckabee. USED to be tough. Not anymore. He’s a RINO since he’ll vote for amnesty and “partial health care.” Wuss factor higher than Gingrich. Partially formed cajones at birth.

    – Sarah Palin. The only Republican with cajones. Partial Conservative. Will *smack down* Hillary and Obama. This is who I will have to vote for in the 2012 election.

  3. I watched both videos. Christie is not only a GENTLEMAN, but he’s a warrior. Obama on the other hand is simply a fruitcake. He won’t even stand up to the militant gays who are disrupting his event!

  4. We have absolutely *no one* in Washington politics who is conservative speaking truth to power, except . . . “the badboy Jew from Brooklyn”, Michael Savage. Savage emasculates the red-doper-diaper-babies and rips them a new rear end each night on his show. He also pulls the fascade apart from the liberal Republicans (Bush I, Bush II, McCain, Romney, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Huckabee, et. al.).

    Sheesh, sometimes I wish I had a radio show. I would lean into the lib’s with no quarter given. “The Gay Avenger” … how’s that?