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Obama and McCain: The Dance Off

This video was made during the campaign. I’ve never seen it, and I thought maybe you hadn’t either.And if you have, you’ll probably want to watch it again.

6 Responses to Obama and McCain: The Dance Off

  1. Oh my! Not while I am having my coffee!!! :-)

    Keith, FUNNY video! Laughed my rearend off … I wonder just HOW they put stuff like this together; very well done, very funny.

    And its good to make fun of the whole damn process! Thanks for posting Keith.

  2. Tom — that is great. I love the line, “GIve us country that makes your wife proud!” But I’ll never have a more favorite one that “Obama on Your Shoulder.” I want to get myself a little Obama doll angel for my Christmas tree. I’ll laugh every time I see it — when I’m not singing that catchy song.